January 2021 - 3450West

Why Flexibility Will Be Key to Living in 2021

Embracing flexibility is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial takeaways from 2020.

Whether working from home, heading into the office or a mix of both, we’re all learning to adapt amid the uncertainties of modern life. And lucky enough for residents at Thirty Four Fifty West, we’re making it easy on you. Below, explore why flexibility will be absolutely key to living in 2021 and just how we’re supporting your most go-with-the-flow lifestyle

What does flexible living look like?

People want to work in environments where they feel comfortable, productive and equipped with the resources they need to complete their tasks. In contrast, when at home, people need to be able to distance themselves from their work, relax and unwind — even if it’s just downstairs. That’s where having a flexible home base comes into play. Here’s what that looks like.

For the fully remote employee…that looks like optimization. When spending all of your time in one building, it’s important to have a dedicated workspace — one that allows you to do the best work. With an array of open-concept living environments at Thirty Four Fifty West, it’s simple to designate a room or even a whole floor to your workspace.

For the sometimes-remote employee…that looks like balance. If you’re only working from home once or twice a week, an adequate workstation might do. Carve out a space that lets you get your work done without taking away from your ability to relax and recharge while at home. Use your loft space for Zoom meetings then place a mat down for a virtual yoga class, or even transform your garage space into an at-home studio much like renowned artist Lyle Owerko

For the fully in-office employee…that looks like comfort. Your home should make you feel good. After a day at the office, we all want to come home to the space of our dreams. And for those who live at Thirty Four Fifty West — just minutes from Studio City, Burbank, Hollywood and DTLA — commuting is no problem at all. 

How is Thirty Four Fifty West supporting flexibility?

Thirty Four Fifty West offers a unique live-work opportunity for the modern employee. As the workforce moves toward a more flexible standard of operations, our open-concept residences support residents’ flexible needs: optimization, balance, comfort and convenience — all packaged into a luxury home. 

Our open, multi-story floor plans allow for prime flexibility when setting up the perfect full-time or part-time office space that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of one’s living space. Conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, Thirty Four Fifty West makes for a shorter, more enjoyable (yes, it’s possible) drive to the office for those eager to get back in the swing of things.


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