November 2020 - 3450West

DIGS Magazine Hails the Endless Possibilities of Thirty Four Fifty West’s Optimal Live-Work Space

DIGS Magazine, an acclaimed luxury real estate publication, recently spotlighted Thirty Four Fifty West’s inventive collection of live-work residences in their article, “Endless Possibilities at Thirty Four Fifty West.”

With an abundance of natural light and space, the collection of multi-level residences offers clean, open-concept living right where Hollywood and Universal City meet. But, most importantly, the residences offer robust spaces that pose as gorgeous canvases for residents to design and define how they live.

In the article’s excitement over this development, DIGS quotes Matt Jacobs, a principal at BLDG Partners: “Thirty Four Fifty West is a built environment that is both timeless, and altogether for this moment. Where we’ve all discovered that our work is flexible, so too should our living and working spaces be. These homes enable quiet, contemplative solitude, just as much as they encourage collaborative creative spaces. It’s also an owner’s option: We think of an invisible dial on these spaces that owners can turn between live and work, and all the combinations in-between.”

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Discover the Creative Space of Your Dreams at Thirty Four Fifty West

Flexibility is the secret ingredient for creativity, but the rigid environments in which we live and work often stand in the way of our progress. Lucky enough, all of the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West boast adaptable layouts and less architectural interference so those who dwell within are free to unleash their most creative ideas.

Below, read up on how our flexible floor plans lend themselves to the customizable space you’ve been dreaming of — whether to live, work or both

Versatility Factored In 

While we list the number of bedrooms for each residence, consider the term “bedroom” loosely used. Equipped with ample space for storage and furniture, the rooms can just as easily function as private or shared office spaces.

Just above the garage, the second floor can serve as a stunning waiting area for your clients or house an extended conference table for prime collaboration. One level up, the loft can serve as a spacious, open-air space to work as easily as it can be a guest room or home gym, depending on your needs, while the third floor can accommodate a main bedroom or generous office space. 

Likewise, even the garage doesn’t have to serve its primary purpose. Such is the case for world-renowned artist Lyle Owerko, who uses his ample garage space at Thirty Four Fifty West as a professional-grade printing shop.

Each floor is intentionally created to flex and adapt as needed, whether your office remains in one room or moves throughout the space as you do. And why not have it both ways? The private decks and balconies offer a welcome change of scenery and source of mood-boosting vitamin D while you work or rest.

Easy on the Eyes

Our residences are smartly designed for aesthetics as much as convenience. With clean lines, hardwood floors, and light-colored walls, they adapt just as well to the minimalist look as to more eclectic tastes. Features like exposed brick and floor-to-ceiling windows are modern, yet timeless. 

Aside from the design and architecture, working in our residences should literally be easier on your eyes than the average office space, as they let in an abundance of natural light throughout the day. For those used to fluorescent overhead lighting, the natural illumination is a much-appreciated alternative. 

A Blank Slate for Design & Function 

The interiors at Thirty Four Fifty West are designed to complement, enhance or simply not detract from your personal style and home office needs. Hang a large statement piece from a blank wall for a chic, minimalist office style, or emphasize style and function with custom wall shelves or floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Plenty of natural light serves up the perfect condition for all kinds of indoor plants to thrive — checking off interior design, mood-boosting and air-purifying boxes at once. And for those without a green thumb, convincing-enough faux plants will look just as great. Plug in a portable air purifier, and you’ll get the aesthetic and air-enhancing qualities of houseplants, sans the maintenance. 

Trend Watch 2021: Open-Concept Industrial Design

There’s no wonder open-concept, industrial design is among the top trends for 2021.

Intentionally constructed to leave room for interpretation and allow for prime flexibility and creativity, industrial spaces — much like those at Thirty Four Fifty West — are designed to meet the desires of those who dwell within without detracting from their personal aesthetic or specific needs, like those of artists or at-home professionals. Below, learn what comprises the ideal live-work space and discover how we put a unique spin on open-concept industrial design to support your greatest creative expression at Thirty Four Fifty West.  

Oversized Windows

Arguably one of the most important features in our flexible, creative spaces is natural light. Realizing that light can make your space seem more inviting and lessen your dependence on harsh or unflattering artificial lighting, we prioritized letting as much light in as possible by constructing each residence with oversized windows. Serving as the facade for each of our residences are 18-foot floor-to-ceiling windows. Instantly pairing with any aesthetic, they look stunning whether dressed or left alone. 

Chic & Clean Color Schemes

With light wood floors and stairs, white finished ceilings and warm gray brick walls, Thirty Four Fifty West has the creative ambiance of a DTLA industrial loft, while still evoking a homey vibe. The color schemes, building materials and hardware choices were made to be timeless, not trendy. As a whole, the residences are clean, chic and completely customizable.

Open-Concept in Action

We saw a need for two, sometimes conflicting, ideals (style and function) to both take center stage. Each floor — from the three-car garage to the versatile loft space — was conceptualized to serve whatever purpose any and all future residents might need it to. One might walk in and see the potential to house a gallery wall in their home office, while another might look at that same space and see a perfect-as-is backdrop for their statement headboard. Every detail — from the hardwood floors to the stainless steel appliances to the strategically placed electrical outlets to the open-tread staircases — is designed to be both functional and pleasing to the eyes. 

How will you reimagine your space? Inquire for more info.


The developer reserves the right to make modifications in materials, specifications, plans, pricing, various fees, designs, scheduling and delivery of the homes without prior notice. All dimensions are approximate and subject to normal construction variances and tolerances. Plans and dimensions may contain minor variations from floor to floor. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy to residents in jurisdictions in which registration requirements have not been fulfilled, but is intended for information only. Listing Broker: The Agency New Development CA RE 01973483. Obtain the property report or its equivalent by federal and state law and read it before signing anything. No federal or state agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property.