February 2021 - 3450West

Local Favorites: Your Go-To Neighborhood Guide

Nestled between Hollywood Hills and Universal City, with easy access to Burbank, West Hollywood and Studio City, Thirty Four Fifty West opens its gates (literally) to the very best of Los Angeles.

For a glimpse into life in one of our live-work townhomes, we invite you on an informal tour of your future neighborhood with us. Below, explore our residents’ favorite places to eat, explore and shop near Thirty Four Fifty West.


All Time – Los Feliz

6.1 Miles
Coffee, breakfast, lunch & dinner
Marketplace open all day
Its versatility is what earns All Time the title of one of our favorite eateries of all time. This Los Feliz locale functions as a coffee shop, specialty bakery, marketplace and pizza restaurant—and they do it all so well. Expect comfort food, mixed with a little LA flair.

Sugarfish – Hollywood

4.2 Miles
Sushi, sashimi & rolls
With 11 locations in Los Angeles and 3 in New York, Sugarfish brings fresh, inspired delicacies based on famed chef Kazunori Nozawa’s style of sushi. Sugarfish For those wanting an upscale dining experience at home, Sugarfish has perfected takeout sushi with their to-go “Trust Me” meals—each featuring a chef-selected assortment of edamame, sashimi, sushi and rolls.

HomeState – Hollywood

5.7 Miles
Tex-Mex eats for breakfast, lunch & dinner
Texas natives and lovers of Tex-Mex cuisine flock to HomeState’s Hollywood location for breakfast tacos (choose from 10 varieties), chips & queso and boozy margaritas. Thirty Four Fifty West resident, fine art photographer Lyle Owerko loves taking his son here to sit outside and watch the traffic go by as they eat.

Firefly – Studio City

2.2 Miles
Dinner & cocktails
Firefly specializes in the art of the romantic night out. Their mesmerizing atmosphere is paired with culinary delights for a truly memorable dining experience. Indulge in craft cocktails, rich entrées and late-night desserts—best enjoyed under twinkling lights on their outdoor patio.

Ca’ Del Sole – Toluca Lake

1.2 Miles
Italian food, open for lunch & dinner
Winner of many awards from OpenTable, Tripadvisor and Yelp, Ca’ Del Sole is definitively one of Los Angeles’s best Italian restaurants. Owner Rodolfo Costella hails from Venice, Italy—while head chef Davide Gizzoni draws inspiration from a multigenerational culinary legacy. Their electric pairing manifests as unforgettable dishes.


Universal Studios & Universal CityWalk

0.7 Miles
Theme park & shopping destination 
Though the theme park is currently closed due to COVID-19, Universal Studios is a top LA destination—especially for families and residents with out-of-town visitors. Notable attractions include the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the world-famous studio tour and Voodoo Doughnut (of Portland, OR fame).

Runyon Canyon

2.8 Miles
Popular hiking trails
Despite jokes made about its popularity, Runyon Canyon offers a lot more than possible celebrity sightings. A moderate 2.6-mile loop comprises this 160-acre park—whose vistas offer expansive views of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. The trail is accessible year-round and is dog-friendly (with dogs being allowed off leash in certain areas).

Hollywood Bowl

2.4 Miles
Outdoor music & entertainment venue
Coming up on its 100th anniversary in 2022, the Hollywood Bowl is an iconic music and entertainment venue in Hollywood. Performances range from solo musicians to full-production musicals to the famed LA Phil orchestra and much more.

Griffith Park

4.1 Miles
Expansive wilderness area + landmark observatory
Located between I-5 and SR-134, Griffith Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. This vast natural area is made up of untouched terrain, as well as landscaped parkland and picnic areas. Visitors enjoy biking, camping, golf, horseback riding, swimming and more. It’s also home to the highly frequented Griffith Observatory—an interactive museum with various exhibits on space exploration and observation. Unfortunately, the Griffith Observatory and parts of the park are currently closed due to COVID-19.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

7.9 Miles
Modern art museum in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles
Fun Fact: Los Angeles has more museums per capita than any other city in the world. While our residents enjoy many of LA’s museums, LACMA happens to be one of the most well known—and it’s just minutes away from Thirty Four Fifty West. The exhibitions are ever-changing and showcase artists from around the globe, spanning years of expression.

Curious about life at Thirty Four Fifty West? Inquire here.

The Pets of Thirty Four Fifty West: Meet Pit Mix Roscoe

There’s no question that Thirty Four Fifty West is a pet’s paradise.

With three levels of living space at home, a tree-lined Puppy Park just outside and miles of sought-after hiking trails mere moments away, pups are able to wag and roam with complete ease. So to get a glimpse into the secret life of our resident pets, we tapped owner, author and musician Max to give us the lowdown on his dog Roscoe’s top tricks and treats, and just why Thirty Four Fifty West is the perfect place for a pup to call home. 

Name & nickname:



I’m a Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull. To those who have some knowledge of dogs, I’m a Pit Mix. To those who get their information from the news, I’m a Lab Mix.

Treat of Choice:

Anything that can be swallowed in under one second, preferably with a strong scent (the more pungent the better). I don’t bother with that chewing thing.

Top Tricks: 

If Dad has a treat in his hand, I’ll do just about anything short of fasting. Sit, stay, wait, stop, go. Whatever Dad wants (for the most part), I aim to please! 

Guilty pleasures: 

So many! I live in the moment, so everything is a pleasure but there’s rarely, if ever, any guilt. If I had to pick, though, I do love when Dad wraps me in a warm blanket after dinner and a long evening walk then lays me down on my monogrammed, tempurpedic bed. 

Morning routine:

Belly rub and kisses, breakfast, morning hike, late morning nap. My life is insane! 

Favorite spot at home:

I have three beds. My favorite might be in the gym in the garage, though — more to see when Dad’s working out with the garage door open and there are neighbors to greet. I get a lot of love! 

Favorite spot outside:

The mountains, without a question. We do a lot of hiking. I tackled Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriels this month and saw snow for the first time. So much fun! 

Favorite neighborhood hangouts: 

Hounds on The Hill doggy daycare — I live for that place. Owners Shan and Dan are like my second humans, and all my friends are there. We have a blast!

My best friends at Thirty Four Fifty West:

I love Lola who lives directly across the way. She’s a lot younger than me but Dad always says, “This is LA.” Whatever that means…

The best part of life at Thirty Four Fifty West:

Great people, an awesome location where we can get everywhere fast and conveniently, a super well build and it’s incredibly clean! What’s not to like?

A little bit about my mom and/or dad: 

When we’re not hiking, at the park or running around doing errands, Dad is trying to finish his second novel. I hear him talk about it on the phone and I think it’s going to happen. He already wrote a stage play since he first started living at Thirty Four Fifty in June 2019 and is constantly working on music — trumpet, piano, composition, singing. Even though it gets on my nerves sometimes, I make him think that I’m his biggest fan. It’s the least I can do.


A note from my owner

Coming to Thirty Four Fifty West, I was immediately taken by the quality of the buildings here — they’re so well built and designed.

I honestly believe these live-work spaces are drastically undervalued. You have an unprecedented opportunity to buy a property where you can live and run your business — tremendous tax advantages, SBA options (which have recently gotten even better), and they’re super well located to access all parts of the city. I go to the beach in Santa Monica in under 30 mins, hiking in the San Gabriels in 40, West Hollywood in 10, Los Feliz and Griffith park in 10…the list goes on and on. I think it’s only a matter of time until the rest of Los Angeles catches onto Thirty Four Fifty West.


10 Design Trends We Have Our Eye on This Year

After a year of uncertainty and forced flexibility, we’re all seeking different themes in our living spaces this year.

As a whole, residences are looking brighter and more thoughtful, and in 2021, we’re seeing trends of comfort, fluidity and a touch of fun married with timeless pieces. And lucky for those who live at Thirty Four Fifty West, our residences just so happen to check off every box. Below, discover the design inspiration you’ve been seeking right within our very own live-work spaces. 

1. Lots of Neutrals (But Not Only Neutrals)

Homeowners are craving a sense of calm in their interiors this year, and the easiest, most timeless way to accomplish this is through neutral colors. At Thirty Four Fifty West, a clean palette is built into our canvas-like residences while light-colored exposed brick and hardwood floors offer clean, crisp textures that reflect natural light. With just the right tone set by Thirty Four Fifty’s interior foundations, thoughtful space curation is a piece of cake from there.

2. Thoughtful Pops of Color

Easily done through throw pillows, rugs, art pieces or accent furniture, a thoughtful pop of color can bring a much-needed touch of energy to a room. Choose a color that evokes positivity, calm or inspiration for you. The sheer amount of flexibility that the combination of minimalist infrastructure and open-concept floor plans makes our residences a haven for creative intervention. If you’ve chosen botanicals as your aesthetic accent, the plentiful natural light at Thirty Four Fifty West is perfect as well.

3. Statement Lighting

Breathtaking chandeliers, playful sconces, table lamps whose bases double as sculptures — we’re seeing lots of lighting that commands attention, rather than just existing as a function. It’s a way to look on the bright side, if you will. Our residences’ three-story structure of open-concept design and towering 18-foot ceilings were constructed with the intention of reducing architectural interference, which means more open space for sublime light fixtures.

4. Lighter Wood Tones

From flooring and cabinets to tables and nightstands, we’re seeing increased popularity in woods like white oak, birch and bamboo over cherry, walnut and the like. The residences at Thirty Four Fifty West are built with light-toned hardwood floors and stairsteps, so following this natural texture scheme is no problem. Many of our residents have opted for birches and bamboos for their interiors.

5. Rattan & Wicker 

Popularized (and overused) in the 1960s, rattan and wicker furniture are making a comeback in the 2020s. Instead of full conversation sets, we’re seeing carefully chosen accents — coffee tables, bookcases, storage baskets — for just a touch of retro. When it comes to interior design, there’s a particular delight that is evoked from the marriage of retro chic and modern industrial. Mid-century sideboards and armchairs will fit right in among exposed brick and beams.

6. Gold Accents 

All that glitters is gold, and a glimmer of gold is all it takes to brighten up a space. In addition to art pieces, a gold side table or trim on a chair adds a touch of classic glam to a room. Gold finishes are right at home in the bright, light-bouncing interiors at Thirty Four Fifty West.

7. Bold Art

While in-person art shows aren’t happening right now, social media can be a great place to discover up-and-coming local artists and original or printed works from so many talented others. Our residences’ soaring art walls are blank slates, awaiting statement pieces and gallery collections.

8. Modernized Rounded Furniture

Rounded furniture implies softness and flexibility when compared to the rigidity and formality often evoked from sharp corners and hard edges. Rounded chair backs, coffee tables, rugs or couch arms are all great options. The clean lines of our industrial, open-concept residences make for great backdrops to rounded forms — allowing them to harmonize with the space in a way that pops but doesn’t distract.

9. Looking Up

Drawing the eyes upward by hanging art, lighting, or plants from the ceiling serves the dual purpose of making a space feel bigger while alluding to optimism—the figurative form of looking up. The eyes naturally gaze skyward in the soaring 18-foot ceilings of our multi-storied homes. Take advantage of this by continuing drawing attention upwards through the home, following the flow of the floating staircases.

10. Blending Styles

To do this well, follow the 80-20 rule: choose one style as your primary theme (80 percent of the décor) and another as an accent (the remaining 20 percent). For example, if your large pieces are Scandanavian, an eclectic end table or accent chair paired with an eclectic lamp can tie the two styles together without being overpowering. Learn from neighboring residents and expert design principles by checking out different blog posts on our website to find your groove at Thirty Four Fifty West.

If a new home fits the bill this year, the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West provide a modern, multifunctional blank canvas for a seamless integration of your lifestyle needs and design choices. Inquire about our available units here.


The developer reserves the right to make modifications in materials, specifications, plans, pricing, various fees, designs, scheduling and delivery of the homes without prior notice. All dimensions are approximate and subject to normal construction variances and tolerances. Plans and dimensions may contain minor variations from floor to floor. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy to residents in jurisdictions in which registration requirements have not been fulfilled, but is intended for information only. Listing Broker: The Agency New Development CA RE 01973483. Obtain the property report or its equivalent by federal and state law and read it before signing anything. No federal or state agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property.