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The Live-Work Life Pt. II: Resident Artist Lyle Owerko on Creating and Selling Digital Art via NFTs

When we last spoke with world-renowned photographer and artist Lyle Owerko, it was soon after he transformed his Thirty Four Fifty West residence into an inspiring studio that served as the genesis of his iconic, pop-culture-influenced works. Today, we reconnect after his swift reroute into a new world of art back in March 2020. 

By virtue of his peerless talent and incredible foresight, Lyle entered the digital realm and teamed up with the Winklevoss twins to sell his work via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on their new platform, Nifty Gateway. Learn more about Lyle’s new journey in his second Live-Work Life feature, below.

Photo Courtesy of Nifty Gateway

Hi Lyle, long time no talk! What have you been up to at Thirty Four Fifty West since last year?

I moved my studio into the unit at Thirty Four Fifty West in 2019 (my first studio in LA). Right from the get-go, new opportunities flooded in. LA has been the perfect place to re-stage my career direction based on the local resources and incredible pool of talent and vendors in California. The workspace is a joy to come to every day; the light and volume of the space inspires me on a daily basis. It’s incomparable. 

We’d love to know more about your involvement with Nifty Gateway, the digital art online auction platform for non-fungible token art. 

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are old friends from New York. They texted me and said they’d bought a new company, Nifty Gateway, and wanted me to be one of the artists they launched with. It was an easy yes. On the first call with the Nifty Gateway team, they said I explained NFTss and the value of intellectual provenance back to them better than they could have to me. It was a proper meeting of the minds. 

Photo Courtesy of Nifty Gateway

What they showed me clicked with my consciousness for intrinsic value to flow directly through to creators. Engineers, investors and artists would be able to see that this was the first time a proper “VIN” number could be married to a piece of art and see its full value into perpetuity. It’s been an amazing journey ever since, and to see so many vibrant talents find a voice (and audience) and come into their own via this platform is very special. 

How and why did you decide to create for the NFT marketplace?

I was very lucky that the marketplace came to me. I happened to have some finished, unpublished works meant to be support materials for my main art practice, but after my first talk with the team at Nifty Gateway, I immediately sent them the files and about an hour later they said “yes.” 

Photo Courtesy of Nifty Gateway

For someone who’s not well-versed in crypto, what’s the process of creating and selling art via NFTs? 

It’s getting easier by the day. Platforms like OpenSea are inviting anyone to join the environment. You just need a Crypto Wallet and content to enter the space.

How many projects have you worked on thus far with Nifty Gateway? 

I’ve launched four projects thus far. The most recent was in April and it was an incredibly sophisticated and ambitious one. It was the first sound-enabled augmented reality object that launches on your iPhone and populates itself as a smart object in your cell phone camera. It’s a very special work and will one day find its true moment in the NFT timeline. No one saw it coming and those who now own it are holding onto them forever. My collector base has what they call “Diamond Hands.” They simply buy and hold. 

Photo Courtesy of Nifty Gateway

Any others in the pipeline that you’re particularly excited about? 

Yes, I’m launching a project via S16 Gallery in Montreal in November. It’s a collaboration with the artist Stikki Peaches and we’ve worked nearly two years on it. I’m also in the process of finishing a number of sculptures that will be ready in November, as well. I’ll also be doing some “surprise” NFT launches before the year’s end and a “big” one in February. 

How has your studio set-up changed now that much of your work is digital? 

Everything starts digitally now and has become an intrinsic part of my studio’s workflow. In the last two years the work, the teams and the amount of 3D, CGI, animation, compositing and visual engineering we do on the desktop is a massive part of the daily process. My artistic practice thinks in motion, 3D and hyper-real visuals, and digital makes it come to life — especially online.

Photo Courtesy of Nifty Gateway

What’s your best piece of advice for those looking to purchase art via NFTs?

Like any investment, follow your tastes, believe in what you like (no matter what the market says) and love what you own. That applies to all great art, from music to painting and anything tied to expression from prose to filmmaking. Simply acquire and support what you’re drawn to in your soul. 

And when it comes to NFTs, support the artists (not the trends), the living works and the innovators. Try not to be impressed by how high something sells for but for how high it dares to reach.

Is this the future of art? 

It’s the future of everything. 

For a look inside Lyle’s inspiring workspace at Thirty Four Fifty West, check out his first “Live-Work Life” feature here

Top 4 Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022

Here at Thirty Four Fifty West, we pride ourselves on offering a refreshingly modern residential experience where anything but the ordinary is possible.

So as we make our way into the last few months of 2021, we’re taking inventory of what’s new and novel in the design world, as well as what residents are wanting most out of their living experience. Below, check out the top trends you can expect to see in 2022 and just how we’re catering to each within our coveted live-work enclave

Multifunctional Spaces

Ask any designer and they’ll tell you that single-use rooms are a thing of the past. The desire for multifunctional spaces will continue to skyrocket into 2022 as we see residents yearning for more versatile areas to dine, work, relax, exercise — you name it. Lucky for those who live at Thirty Four Fifty West, each residence features adaptable architectural design and three stories of open-concept living environments so you can adopt the flexible, go-with-the-flow lifestyle you’ve been chasing. 

Minimalist Interiors

Throughout the pandemic, many have realized that less is truly more — particularly when you’re at home most of the day…if not all day. So as we near 2022, you can expect countless homeowners to reverse their maximalist approach and opt for more basic, minimal interiors. With industrial finishes, exposed beams and beautiful hardwood floors, the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West cater to the minimalist aesthetic that needs few bells and whistles to feel both comfortable and clean. 

Inspiration From Nature

Immersing yourself in nature to achieve a sense of inner peace has become more important than ever. Yet, it goes without saying that not everyone has a green thumb. In 2022, we can expect homeowners to find inspiration from nature in more creative ways, whether that’s bringing in rustic wood elements or even reorienting rooms to allow for more natural light. At Thirty Four Fifty West, each residence features 18-foot ceilings with oversized windows to match, fostering the most soothing, natural experience within the home, while sizable balconies are perched amid the treetops for unrivaled open-air respite. 

Neutral Colors 

In the same way that people will be finding inspiration from nature, many will opt for more basic, neutral colors to achieve a calming at-home aesthetic in 2022. Think warm shades of grey and beige, both of which you can find via natural elements like stone and wood within the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West. Plus, each live-work space features white walls and trim, offering the most serene, canvas-like environment for you to complement with any design accents you so please.

Your dream design awaits. Reserve a private tour of our two- and three-bedroom residences today by submitting an inquiry HERE.

The Live-Work Life: Internet Sensation Andrew Bachelor, AKA “King Bach,” on Living & Creating at Thirty Four Fifty West

Home has taken on countless new meanings over the last year and a half. It’s a place to sleep soundly and rise again, to work and work out, to connect with loved ones and disconnect from the fast-paced world outside.

Photo Courtesy of Newsweek

When it comes to digital content creation, one needs a functional, well-designed space to not only shoot, edit and produce, but also to rest comfortably at the day’s end. So, it should come as no surprise that Thirty Four Fifty West has attracted some of TikTok and Youtube’s most prolific creators, including none other than the Internet’s favorite Andrew Bachelor — more famously known as King Bach. Even The Hollywood Reporter has taken notice.

Actor, composer, rapper and comedian who first rose to fame on Vine where he earned 11.3 million followers and over six billion loops, Andrew is among the first Internet personalities to gain a tremendous following. Today, he boasts 23.7 million followers on TikTok and 21.2 million on Instagram, requiring him to produce comedic content at record speed. When it came to finding a space in Los Angeles to do just that, Andrew had no doubt that Thirty Four Fifty West’s flexible live-work residences would offer the perfect set-up in a prime location.

Below, follow along for the latest edition of The Live-Work Life featuring an interview with Andrew about what’s in the pipeline for his career and just why he chose Thirty Four Fifty West for his workbase and homebase in LA.

Can you share a little bit about what’s coming up for King Bach?

You can find me on-screen in National Champions which will be released in theaters on November 24. It’s an American sports drama film directed by Ric Roman Waugh that follows a quarterback who begins a strike to fight for fair compensation, equality and respect for athletes. I’ll also be doing a stand-up tour in 2022. There are tons of exciting things happening for King Bach, so keep an eye out!

How would you say TikTok and other social media platforms have influenced your business?

Social media platforms have helped grow and advance my business, without a doubt. On the acting side, I’m working on a show for Facebook Watch as part of the We the Culture Program and co-own the Zeus Network. On the business side of things, I’m expanding into new ventures like my partnership with Gloveworkx boxing gym which has two locations in Los Angeles and one in New York City.

Photo Courtesy of Variety

Why did you choose to purchase at Thirty Four Fifty West?

The convenient location of Thirty Four Fifty West was a huge attraction for me. I immediately fell in love with the functionalities of the residence and saw it was the ideal workspace. I can be creative here, but also hold meetings. It’s truly the perfect space to create, relax and get business done.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working at home?

I love to work out. I either box at Gloveworx, run by the beach or play a game of pick-up basketball with my friends.

Where do you want to travel to next?

Greece, 100%. 

If you could only eat at three restaurants in the local area, where would you go?

Catch, Katsuya, and Sattdown Jamaican Grill — the perfect mixture of upscale and casual. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Photo of Catch LA Courtesy of Vogue

Read more about what is drawing content creators to Thirty Four Fifty West in this HOLLYWOOD REPORTER feature story titled, “New Studio City Townhouses Draw Digital Creators Thanks to Hybrid Zoning.” Learn more about our Live-Work spaces HERE.

Our New Norm: 2021 Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

Home has taken on countless new meanings over the last year and a half. It’s a place to sleep soundly and rise again, to work and work out, to connect with loved ones and disconnect from the fast-paced world outside.

Just as life has shifted around us, so have the ways in which we live at home — and here at Thirty Four Fifty West, we’re proud to offer residences as flexible as the lives of those who dwell within. Below, read up on this year’s home trends that are undoubtedly here to stay and just how we’re catering to each one at Thirty Four Fifty West. 

Let in Lots of Light

With many of us treating our spaces as both home and an office, natural light is absolutely imperative. Lucky for you, each residence at Thirty Four Fifty West features three stories of living environments, 18-foot ceilings and oversized, floor-to-ceiling windows that fill your space with enough light to inspire your best ideas and nurture the most comfortable living experience. Because the truth of the matter is, a nice serotonin boost won’t be going out of style anytime soon. 

Rethink Formal Spaces

There’s no doubt that the majority of people have questioned their design choices in recent months. That formal dining table you thought you’d be putting to use each weekend? It’s likely a desk now. Our new norm is rooted in functionality, which just so happens to be our middle name at Thirty Four Fifty West. With the structure of a private single-family home and less architectural interference within, our residences allow you to live out the flexible lifestyle you’ve been seeking. Each space has the capacity to be anything you want. 

Make it Fuss-Free

One of the biggest decor trends of 2021? Fuss-free style. This means simple, sleek spaces without clutter or unnecessary touches that you might get sick of. That’s why industrial interiors have become highly coveted over the last year and a half, bringing exposed beams, high ceilings, and both metal and wood elements to the forefront of living. At Thirty Four Fifty West, our residences check off each and every of the aforementioned boxes, making for the perfect place to live, work and play. 

Prioritize Storage Space

More time at home has made us cognizant of what’s necessary and, well, what’s not. Beyond making each space aesthetically fuss-free, many people have found great success in prioritizing functional storage solutions in order to maintain clear mental focus while working from home. At Thirty Four Fifty West, we welcome residents to customize their storage and closet spaces specific to their needs, just as expansive garages (which artist Lyle Owerko even turned into a studio) offer a versatile setting to organize your things with ease. Here, residents are free to unleash your most creative solutions. 

Reserve a private tour of our two- and three-bedroom residences today by submitting an inquiry here.

The Live-Work Life: Duo Behind Hyper Makes Thirty Four Fifty West The Company’s New Studio HQ

For residents Malika Lim Eubank and Zac Lim Eubank, finding a state-of-the-art studio designed for both living and working was a strong draw. See why they chose to make Thirty Four Fifty West their new studio headquarters.  

When former Geek and Sundry show-runner Zac Lim Eubank and award-winning game designer Malika Lim Eubank, now co-founders of content studio Hyper, set out to search for a new headquarters, they desired plenty of live-work space, adaptability, accessibility and privacy. Their search brought them to Thirty Four Fifty West, where they found versatile, open-concept living spaces that perfectly accommodated all of their needs. 

“Having four floors facilitates work-life balance and aids in keeping up with the demands of social media and live-streaming,” says Malika. “The commercial build of the location allowed us the amount of electrical power we needed to power all our production hardware including our LED video wall.” 

Follow along below for the latest edition of The Live-Work Life, featuring an interview with Malika and Zac — the dynamic duo producing the next generation of interactive stories for audiences that crave kindness, learning and a thirst for adventure. 

1. Tell us a bit about Hyper and what you’re working on now.

Hyper is a boutique, full-service production studio focused on livestreaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and similar platforms. Our team broadcasts original content Monday through Friday while also consulting with multiple clients. We partnered with AMC and work with clients such as NBC, Nintendo and Microsoft  to level up their live streaming strategy and production by taking their preexisting audiences and converting them into a community. Our strategy includes developing, from the ground up, a slate of content that uses interactivity to create meaningful shared moments. This includes everything from interactive watch parties to gamified interactive short films. Through our work with AMC, I’m excited to say we’re shortlisted for an Emmy.

2. Why did you choose to purchase Thirty Four Fifty West as your home base?

We see the future of live interactive media is in Los Angeles. Being in the heart of LA keeps us on the pulse of production and connected to the creative blood that runs through this city. Throughout our 5.5 years of creating content, choosing a live-work facility as our studio headquarters allows us to be on the forefront of the new media landscape creating new pathways for meaningful audience interaction turning them into brand evangelists. In doing so we were able to create a new form of self sustaining business model. 

3. How is the space being used, and what do you love most about it?

Having four floors facilitates work-life balance and aids in keeping up with the demands of social media and live streaming. Additionally the open floor plan allowed us to customize and maximize the production facilities and services we can offer as a company. The commercial build of the location allowed us the amount of electrical power we needed to power all our production hardware including our LED video wall. Finally the facilities, location and layout of our current space allows us to customize it to be the perfect fit for the current and future demands of our industry.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at home or work?

We love to support our industry by going to the movie theater. 

5. Where do you want to travel next?

We had a great time vacationing in Thailand and would like to go back soon. 

6. If you could only eat at three restaurants in the local area, where would you go?

We go to Otus Thai Kitchen, Coffee Commissary and Tacos 1986 almost every week. 

Read more about what is drawing content creators to Thirty Four Fifty West in this Hollywood Reporter feature story titled, “New Studio City Townhouses Draw Digital Creators Thanks to Hybrid Zoning.” Learn more about our Live-Work spaces here.

Hollywood Reporter Spotlights Thirty Four Fifty West

The new creator house is here. An article by Hollywood Reporter reveals that Thirty Four Fifty West is drawing digital content makers to its live-work spaces — and for good reason. Here awaits a rare, in-demand opportunity to own a full professional office or creative studio with industrial grade electrical — all without sacrificing a chic and light-filled home conveniently located between Hollywood and Studio City.

“‘We’ve had a tremendous response from creatives, who are responding to the location and flexibility of the live-work setup,’ says Guy Penini, principal at BLDG Partners, the company that developed and owns the building. ‘The residences are self-contained studios where buyers can shoot, edit and produce work without leaving their home base [and] with tons of privacy and great light.’” 

Here, with flexible, open-concept floor plans and three levels to make one’s own, it’s simple to separate work and play. Read more on why, below.

Read On

Why Urban Living is Hotter Than Ever

The 2020 rumor mill was filled with tales of people “leaving cities in droves” and a “mass exodus.” And while many people across the country have relocated in the last year, those rumors are mostly unfounded.

The thing is, the reasons people love cities — and Los Angeles, in particular — haven’t gone anywhere. And whether people temporarily relocated — or, in most cases, never left — their bustling, vibrant urban lifestyles are ready for the taking. Here’s why urban living continues to be the ideal lifestyle for so many people and how Thirty Four Fifty West puts you at the doorstep of it all. 

Arts & Culture

For the art enthusiast or anyone looking for something new or different to do, urban areas are a dream. High populations + tourist industries = prime locales for museums, galleries, exhibits and more. Here at Thirty Four Fifty West, residents have unfettered access to the best of art and culture. Whether you’re visiting the largest museum in the Western United States (LACMA), which is just a short drive away from your live-work residence, or a pop-up gallery in an obscure storefront, there’s always something new to discover.

Job Opportunities 

While remote work is becoming more popularized, studies suggest approximately 60 percent of employees would prefer at least some in-office interaction — whether that be full-time or one day per week.* For that to be a possibility, people need to live near where they work. And where are most corporate or start-up jobs headquartered? In urban areas. At Thirty Four Fifty West, residents are just moments from Studio City, Burbank and Hollywood, offering an unrivaled basecamp to live, work and explore. And for the days you’re working from home, an open-concept live-work environment makes your life both seamless and optimized.

Food & Drinks

Sure, you can find great food and great drinks anywhere in the world, but large cities certainly have a monopoly on variety and options. Los Angeles, for example, houses more than 20 Michelin-star restaurants AND some of the best food trucks and hole-in-the-wall gems you could imagine. Nowhere is this urban area’s status as a melting pot of cultures and transplants from all over the country and the world more evident than in its food scene. From tacos to ramen to gluten-free vegan options, there’s always something to satiate every palate and preference.

The People 

Depending on your life situation, the appeal here might be different than your neighbor’s. We could look at this a few ways — the first being a draw for single adults looking for love. Urban areas = more people = more opportunities to date. The other draw to higher populated areas is the ability to meet new people. Urban areas have their share of born-and-raised locals, but there are so many more who’ve come from other cities, states and countries with unique perspectives and histories to share. No matter how you look at it, urban areas offer the opportunity to expand your horizons via other people.

Ready to embrace urban living at its finest? 
Check out our live-work townhomes in the heart of LA.

The Pets of Thirty Four Fifty West: Meet Kaiju

Pets find a hidden paradise here at Thirty Four Fifty West.

There’s a lot to love as a pet living at Thirty Four Fifty West: three stories of living space to zoom around, a tree-lined Puppy Park and dedicated dog path to freely prance about. With open concept floor plans, Thirty Four Fifty West is an ideal home for pets to roam and keep an eye on their busybody owners. To peek inside the wondrous lifestyle of one of our resident pets, we’ve tapped digital creators Malika and Zac to introduce their Shiba Inu — affectionately named Kaiju — and what it’s like for a pup to live his best Los Angeles lifestyle.

Name & nickname:

My name is Kaiju Big Battle, aka “Kaiju”.


Shiba Inu

Treat of choice:

My preference is for 100% natural duck treats, of course.

Top tricks:

I guess you could say that I don’t perform “tricks” but I am an amazing dancer. 

Guilty pleasures:

Shredding new gifts…

Morning routine:

Taking my time to wake up so that I might make a grand appearance as my humans watch me descend the stairs.

Favorite spot at home:

My personal balcony where I sun myself and observe my subjects. 

Favorite spot outside:

I greatly enjoy days at the beach with my fellow canine royalty. 

Favorite neighborhood hangouts:

Definitely El Paseo de Cahuenga Park. So. Much. Running space.

My best friends at Thirty Four Fifty West:

Prince Huck, another canine of North Hollywood!

The best part of life at Thirty Four Fifty West:

I would say the view of the cars and Los Angeles life going by from my window.

A little bit about my mom and/or dad:

They never stop working so sometimes I put myself to bed late! Also, they like to dress up in weird costumes. 

A note from my owner:

Other dog owners are very considerate here! There are multiple areas for exercise and “potty time,” enjoyable walks in both directions next to grassy parks and great places for food & coffee.

–Kaiju’s mama

Discover the Key to a Happy Home

The key to a happy home? Not having to think about it.

Of course, we all know a home is truly what you make of it — people, personal touches and the like — but having the right framework to support your lifestyle can make all the difference. That’s why the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West were built with convenience, functionality and a neutral aesthetic in mind. Below, discover the many features of our live-work townhomes that’ll make you feel right at home.

Abundant Natural Light 

Without getting too deep into the science behind it, we know that sunlight is proven to make us feel good by increasing serotonin production. Knowing that — and keeping in mind that people come to and stay in LA because of its sunlight — we made sure our residences get plenty of natural light. Expansive multi-story windows, multiple balconies and light-reflecting colors throughout each unit let in all the light you need to feel happy, calm and bright.

Open-Concept Spaces

Open stairwells, two-story ceilings, rooms that blend in and out of each other — these strategic architectural elements allow you to completely reinvent the space to fit your needs. Rather than endless hallways and unnecessary doors and walls, we opted for free-flowing, bright and airy floor plans. The space is yours to make your own — and we made sure no space is wasted.

Unrivaled Proximity to the Best of LA

Every neighborhood and city in the Los Angeles metro area has gems at which to eat or explore. But the 10-mile radius (give or take) surrounding Thirty Four Fifty West just happens to hold a concentrated assortment of much of the best of Los Angeles. From arguably the most famous hiking spot to a century-old outdoor music venue to five-star eateries of any cuisine imaginable — it’s all in the neighborhood.

Thoughtful Outdoor Amenities 

Each residence has a sizable balcony on the second floor, plus either another balcony or a deck on the third floor amid the treetops and expansive outdoor space off the garage. For entertaining, socializing or enjoying a change of scenery, our community outdoor amenities feel like an extension of your home — a shared backyard that feels like your own. These include the canopy lounge (a covered outdoor living area), the garden & grill (with a chef’s barbeque) and the puppy park and dog path.

Great Neighbors 

Some truly incredible people already call Thirty Four Fifty West home. And while we couldn’t have accounted for this feature when building these units, we do know that great homes attract great people — and their great pets (like Roscoe). Among those who live, work or both at Thirty Four Fifty West, you’ll find unique entrepreneurs and visionaries, including renowned artist Lyle Owerko and longtime philanthropist Dr. Lois Lee. Great neighbors such as these go a long way toward making a new place feel like home.

If a new home is on your wishlist this year, we may hold the key to exactly what you’ve been looking for. Inquire about our available units here.

Local Favorites: Your Go-To Neighborhood Guide

Nestled between Hollywood Hills and Universal City, with easy access to Burbank, West Hollywood and Studio City, Thirty Four Fifty West opens its gates (literally) to the very best of Los Angeles.

For a glimpse into life in one of our live-work townhomes, we invite you on an informal tour of your future neighborhood with us. Below, explore our residents’ favorite places to eat, explore and shop near Thirty Four Fifty West.


All Time – Los Feliz

6.1 Miles
Coffee, breakfast, lunch & dinner
Marketplace open all day
Its versatility is what earns All Time the title of one of our favorite eateries of all time. This Los Feliz locale functions as a coffee shop, specialty bakery, marketplace and pizza restaurant—and they do it all so well. Expect comfort food, mixed with a little LA flair.

Sugarfish – Hollywood

4.2 Miles
Sushi, sashimi & rolls
With 11 locations in Los Angeles and 3 in New York, Sugarfish brings fresh, inspired delicacies based on famed chef Kazunori Nozawa’s style of sushi. Sugarfish For those wanting an upscale dining experience at home, Sugarfish has perfected takeout sushi with their to-go “Trust Me” meals—each featuring a chef-selected assortment of edamame, sashimi, sushi and rolls.

HomeState – Hollywood

5.7 Miles
Tex-Mex eats for breakfast, lunch & dinner
Texas natives and lovers of Tex-Mex cuisine flock to HomeState’s Hollywood location for breakfast tacos (choose from 10 varieties), chips & queso and boozy margaritas. Thirty Four Fifty West resident, fine art photographer Lyle Owerko loves taking his son here to sit outside and watch the traffic go by as they eat.

Firefly – Studio City

2.2 Miles
Dinner & cocktails
Firefly specializes in the art of the romantic night out. Their mesmerizing atmosphere is paired with culinary delights for a truly memorable dining experience. Indulge in craft cocktails, rich entrées and late-night desserts—best enjoyed under twinkling lights on their outdoor patio.

Ca’ Del Sole – Toluca Lake

1.2 Miles
Italian food, open for lunch & dinner
Winner of many awards from OpenTable, Tripadvisor and Yelp, Ca’ Del Sole is definitively one of Los Angeles’s best Italian restaurants. Owner Rodolfo Costella hails from Venice, Italy—while head chef Davide Gizzoni draws inspiration from a multigenerational culinary legacy. Their electric pairing manifests as unforgettable dishes.


Universal Studios & Universal CityWalk

0.7 Miles
Theme park & shopping destination 
Though the theme park is currently closed due to COVID-19, Universal Studios is a top LA destination—especially for families and residents with out-of-town visitors. Notable attractions include the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the world-famous studio tour and Voodoo Doughnut (of Portland, OR fame).

Runyon Canyon

2.8 Miles
Popular hiking trails
Despite jokes made about its popularity, Runyon Canyon offers a lot more than possible celebrity sightings. A moderate 2.6-mile loop comprises this 160-acre park—whose vistas offer expansive views of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. The trail is accessible year-round and is dog-friendly (with dogs being allowed off leash in certain areas).

Hollywood Bowl

2.4 Miles
Outdoor music & entertainment venue
Coming up on its 100th anniversary in 2022, the Hollywood Bowl is an iconic music and entertainment venue in Hollywood. Performances range from solo musicians to full-production musicals to the famed LA Phil orchestra and much more.

Griffith Park

4.1 Miles
Expansive wilderness area + landmark observatory
Located between I-5 and SR-134, Griffith Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. This vast natural area is made up of untouched terrain, as well as landscaped parkland and picnic areas. Visitors enjoy biking, camping, golf, horseback riding, swimming and more. It’s also home to the highly frequented Griffith Observatory—an interactive museum with various exhibits on space exploration and observation. Unfortunately, the Griffith Observatory and parts of the park are currently closed due to COVID-19.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

7.9 Miles
Modern art museum in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles
Fun Fact: Los Angeles has more museums per capita than any other city in the world. While our residents enjoy many of LA’s museums, LACMA happens to be one of the most well known—and it’s just minutes away from Thirty Four Fifty West. The exhibitions are ever-changing and showcase artists from around the globe, spanning years of expression.

Curious about life at Thirty Four Fifty West? Inquire here.

The Pets of Thirty Four Fifty West: Meet Pit Mix Roscoe

There’s no question that Thirty Four Fifty West is a pet’s paradise.

With three levels of living space at home, a tree-lined Puppy Park just outside and miles of sought-after hiking trails mere moments away, pups are able to wag and roam with complete ease. So to get a glimpse into the secret life of our resident pets, we tapped owner, author and musician Max to give us the lowdown on his dog Roscoe’s top tricks and treats, and just why Thirty Four Fifty West is the perfect place for a pup to call home. 

Name & nickname:



I’m a Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull. To those who have some knowledge of dogs, I’m a Pit Mix. To those who get their information from the news, I’m a Lab Mix.

Treat of Choice:

Anything that can be swallowed in under one second, preferably with a strong scent (the more pungent the better). I don’t bother with that chewing thing.

Top Tricks: 

If Dad has a treat in his hand, I’ll do just about anything short of fasting. Sit, stay, wait, stop, go. Whatever Dad wants (for the most part), I aim to please! 

Guilty pleasures: 

So many! I live in the moment, so everything is a pleasure but there’s rarely, if ever, any guilt. If I had to pick, though, I do love when Dad wraps me in a warm blanket after dinner and a long evening walk then lays me down on my monogrammed, tempurpedic bed. 

Morning routine:

Belly rub and kisses, breakfast, morning hike, late morning nap. My life is insane! 

Favorite spot at home:

I have three beds. My favorite might be in the gym in the garage, though — more to see when Dad’s working out with the garage door open and there are neighbors to greet. I get a lot of love! 

Favorite spot outside:

The mountains, without a question. We do a lot of hiking. I tackled Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriels this month and saw snow for the first time. So much fun! 

Favorite neighborhood hangouts: 

Hounds on The Hill doggy daycare — I live for that place. Owners Shan and Dan are like my second humans, and all my friends are there. We have a blast!

My best friends at Thirty Four Fifty West:

I love Lola who lives directly across the way. She’s a lot younger than me but Dad always says, “This is LA.” Whatever that means…

The best part of life at Thirty Four Fifty West:

Great people, an awesome location where we can get everywhere fast and conveniently, a super well build and it’s incredibly clean! What’s not to like?

A little bit about my mom and/or dad: 

When we’re not hiking, at the park or running around doing errands, Dad is trying to finish his second novel. I hear him talk about it on the phone and I think it’s going to happen. He already wrote a stage play since he first started living at Thirty Four Fifty in June 2019 and is constantly working on music — trumpet, piano, composition, singing. Even though it gets on my nerves sometimes, I make him think that I’m his biggest fan. It’s the least I can do.


A note from my owner

Coming to Thirty Four Fifty West, I was immediately taken by the quality of the buildings here — they’re so well built and designed.

I honestly believe these live-work spaces are drastically undervalued. You have an unprecedented opportunity to buy a property where you can live and run your business — tremendous tax advantages, SBA options (which have recently gotten even better), and they’re super well located to access all parts of the city. I go to the beach in Santa Monica in under 30 mins, hiking in the San Gabriels in 40, West Hollywood in 10, Los Feliz and Griffith park in 10…the list goes on and on. I think it’s only a matter of time until the rest of Los Angeles catches onto Thirty Four Fifty West.


10 Design Trends We Have Our Eye on This Year

After a year of uncertainty and forced flexibility, we’re all seeking different themes in our living spaces this year.

As a whole, residences are looking brighter and more thoughtful, and in 2021, we’re seeing trends of comfort, fluidity and a touch of fun married with timeless pieces. And lucky for those who live at Thirty Four Fifty West, our residences just so happen to check off every box. Below, discover the design inspiration you’ve been seeking right within our very own live-work spaces. 

1. Lots of Neutrals (But Not Only Neutrals)

Homeowners are craving a sense of calm in their interiors this year, and the easiest, most timeless way to accomplish this is through neutral colors. At Thirty Four Fifty West, a clean palette is built into our canvas-like residences while light-colored exposed brick and hardwood floors offer clean, crisp textures that reflect natural light. With just the right tone set by Thirty Four Fifty’s interior foundations, thoughtful space curation is a piece of cake from there.

2. Thoughtful Pops of Color

Easily done through throw pillows, rugs, art pieces or accent furniture, a thoughtful pop of color can bring a much-needed touch of energy to a room. Choose a color that evokes positivity, calm or inspiration for you. The sheer amount of flexibility that the combination of minimalist infrastructure and open-concept floor plans makes our residences a haven for creative intervention. If you’ve chosen botanicals as your aesthetic accent, the plentiful natural light at Thirty Four Fifty West is perfect as well.

3. Statement Lighting

Breathtaking chandeliers, playful sconces, table lamps whose bases double as sculptures — we’re seeing lots of lighting that commands attention, rather than just existing as a function. It’s a way to look on the bright side, if you will. Our residences’ three-story structure of open-concept design and towering 18-foot ceilings were constructed with the intention of reducing architectural interference, which means more open space for sublime light fixtures.

4. Lighter Wood Tones

From flooring and cabinets to tables and nightstands, we’re seeing increased popularity in woods like white oak, birch and bamboo over cherry, walnut and the like. The residences at Thirty Four Fifty West are built with light-toned hardwood floors and stairsteps, so following this natural texture scheme is no problem. Many of our residents have opted for birches and bamboos for their interiors.

5. Rattan & Wicker 

Popularized (and overused) in the 1960s, rattan and wicker furniture are making a comeback in the 2020s. Instead of full conversation sets, we’re seeing carefully chosen accents — coffee tables, bookcases, storage baskets — for just a touch of retro. When it comes to interior design, there’s a particular delight that is evoked from the marriage of retro chic and modern industrial. Mid-century sideboards and armchairs will fit right in among exposed brick and beams.

6. Gold Accents 

All that glitters is gold, and a glimmer of gold is all it takes to brighten up a space. In addition to art pieces, a gold side table or trim on a chair adds a touch of classic glam to a room. Gold finishes are right at home in the bright, light-bouncing interiors at Thirty Four Fifty West.

7. Bold Art

While in-person art shows aren’t happening right now, social media can be a great place to discover up-and-coming local artists and original or printed works from so many talented others. Our residences’ soaring art walls are blank slates, awaiting statement pieces and gallery collections.

8. Modernized Rounded Furniture

Rounded furniture implies softness and flexibility when compared to the rigidity and formality often evoked from sharp corners and hard edges. Rounded chair backs, coffee tables, rugs or couch arms are all great options. The clean lines of our industrial, open-concept residences make for great backdrops to rounded forms — allowing them to harmonize with the space in a way that pops but doesn’t distract.

9. Looking Up

Drawing the eyes upward by hanging art, lighting, or plants from the ceiling serves the dual purpose of making a space feel bigger while alluding to optimism—the figurative form of looking up. The eyes naturally gaze skyward in the soaring 18-foot ceilings of our multi-storied homes. Take advantage of this by continuing drawing attention upwards through the home, following the flow of the floating staircases.

10. Blending Styles

To do this well, follow the 80-20 rule: choose one style as your primary theme (80 percent of the décor) and another as an accent (the remaining 20 percent). For example, if your large pieces are Scandanavian, an eclectic end table or accent chair paired with an eclectic lamp can tie the two styles together without being overpowering. Learn from neighboring residents and expert design principles by checking out different blog posts on our website to find your groove at Thirty Four Fifty West.

If a new home fits the bill this year, the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West provide a modern, multifunctional blank canvas for a seamless integration of your lifestyle needs and design choices. Inquire about our available units here.

Why Flexibility Will Be Key to Living in 2021

Embracing flexibility is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial takeaways from 2020.

Whether working from home, heading into the office or a mix of both, we’re all learning to adapt amid the uncertainties of modern life. And lucky enough for residents at Thirty Four Fifty West, we’re making it easy on you. Below, explore why flexibility will be absolutely key to living in 2021 and just how we’re supporting your most go-with-the-flow lifestyle

What does flexible living look like?

People want to work in environments where they feel comfortable, productive and equipped with the resources they need to complete their tasks. In contrast, when at home, people need to be able to distance themselves from their work, relax and unwind — even if it’s just downstairs. That’s where having a flexible home base comes into play. Here’s what that looks like.

For the fully remote employee…that looks like optimization. When spending all of your time in one building, it’s important to have a dedicated workspace — one that allows you to do the best work. With an array of open-concept living environments at Thirty Four Fifty West, it’s simple to designate a room or even a whole floor to your workspace.

For the sometimes-remote employee…that looks like balance. If you’re only working from home once or twice a week, an adequate workstation might do. Carve out a space that lets you get your work done without taking away from your ability to relax and recharge while at home. Use your loft space for Zoom meetings then place a mat down for a virtual yoga class, or even transform your garage space into an at-home studio much like renowned artist Lyle Owerko

For the fully in-office employee…that looks like comfort. Your home should make you feel good. After a day at the office, we all want to come home to the space of our dreams. And for those who live at Thirty Four Fifty West — just minutes from Studio City, Burbank, Hollywood and DTLA — commuting is no problem at all. 

How is Thirty Four Fifty West supporting flexibility?

Thirty Four Fifty West offers a unique live-work opportunity for the modern employee. As the workforce moves toward a more flexible standard of operations, our open-concept residences support residents’ flexible needs: optimization, balance, comfort and convenience — all packaged into a luxury home. 

Our open, multi-story floor plans allow for prime flexibility when setting up the perfect full-time or part-time office space that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of one’s living space. Conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, Thirty Four Fifty West makes for a shorter, more enjoyable (yes, it’s possible) drive to the office for those eager to get back in the swing of things.

Which Live-Work Layout is Perfect for You?

The way we live and work is transforming, and the best way to adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle is on your own terms — after all, progress in life begins with progress at home.

That’s why here at Thirty Four Fifty West, our two- and three-bedroom residences come brimming with flexible architectural design and sprawling art walls so you can design your ideal live-work environment. Whether you’re a creative professional or a business maven, we’ve rounded up an array of pointers for you to get started on creating the perfect space for you. 

For the business professional seeking a comfortable live-work option… carve out your workspace.

The live-work movement means more than sparing a desk or room as a home office set-up. Integrating your career into your living space is a delicate affair of maximizing productivity and balancing life and wellness. Take advantage of our open floor plans to designate multiple workspaces and multi-purpose conference areas. Enjoy Thirty Four Fifty’s acoustically engineered window-wall system to efficiently focus on your work in this personal sanctum. The second floor may serve as a stunning waiting area for your clients or even be home to a spacious conference table, similar to philanthropist Dr. Lois Lee’s space turned nonprofit headquarters. The key here is flexibility — you may clearly demarcate work and play, or allow them to flow into one another.

For the creative professional seeking to build an atelier… designate a studio floor.

Environment is key for creatives. You desire a space where we can allow inspiration and creativity to run free. Any of the spacious floors can be a dedicated home studio, and the soaring art walls are sitting canvases, awaiting your deep personalization. And for the more hands-on creatives? Take a cue from Thirty Four Fifty West resident and world-renowned artist Lyle Owerko, who uses his garage space as a professional-grade printing workshop.

For the art collector or artist wishing to curate a personal gallery… take advantage of light.

The wealth of natural light that the residences receive via oversized windows will light up your personal gallery space. With towering art walls and sprawling open floors waiting to be adorned, our residences adopt minimalist and industrial aesthetics that provide an ideal environment to showcase your personal curations.

For the real estate collector craving to incorporate a unique property to their portfolio… customize to the max.

Vertically-oriented and urban-minded, the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West are blank slates awaiting idiosyncratic accents. Take advantage of the opportunity to own a property that is inimitable in style and function. There’s plenty of room for custom shelves or floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Style each “bedroom” traditionally or convert one into a home gym or entertainment space.

DIGS Magazine Hails the Endless Possibilities of Thirty Four Fifty West’s Optimal Live-Work Space

DIGS Magazine, an acclaimed luxury real estate publication, recently spotlighted Thirty Four Fifty West’s inventive collection of live-work residences in their article, “Endless Possibilities at Thirty Four Fifty West.”

With an abundance of natural light and space, the collection of multi-level residences offers clean, open-concept living right where Hollywood and Universal City meet. But, most importantly, the residences offer robust spaces that pose as gorgeous canvases for residents to design and define how they live.

In the article’s excitement over this development, DIGS quotes Matt Jacobs, a principal at BLDG Partners: “Thirty Four Fifty West is a built environment that is both timeless, and altogether for this moment. Where we’ve all discovered that our work is flexible, so too should our living and working spaces be. These homes enable quiet, contemplative solitude, just as much as they encourage collaborative creative spaces. It’s also an owner’s option: We think of an invisible dial on these spaces that owners can turn between live and work, and all the combinations in-between.”

Read the full article here.

Discover the Creative Space of Your Dreams at Thirty Four Fifty West

Flexibility is the secret ingredient for creativity, but the rigid environments in which we live and work often stand in the way of our progress. Lucky enough, all of the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West boast adaptable layouts and less architectural interference so those who dwell within are free to unleash their most creative ideas.

Below, read up on how our flexible floor plans lend themselves to the customizable space you’ve been dreaming of — whether to live, work or both

Versatility Factored In 

While we list the number of bedrooms for each residence, consider the term “bedroom” loosely used. Equipped with ample space for storage and furniture, the rooms can just as easily function as private or shared office spaces.

Just above the garage, the second floor can serve as a stunning waiting area for your clients or house an extended conference table for prime collaboration. One level up, the loft can serve as a spacious, open-air space to work as easily as it can be a guest room or home gym, depending on your needs, while the third floor can accommodate a main bedroom or generous office space. 

Likewise, even the garage doesn’t have to serve its primary purpose. Such is the case for world-renowned artist Lyle Owerko, who uses his ample garage space at Thirty Four Fifty West as a professional-grade printing shop.

Each floor is intentionally created to flex and adapt as needed, whether your office remains in one room or moves throughout the space as you do. And why not have it both ways? The private decks and balconies offer a welcome change of scenery and source of mood-boosting vitamin D while you work or rest.

Easy on the Eyes

Our residences are smartly designed for aesthetics as much as convenience. With clean lines, hardwood floors, and light-colored walls, they adapt just as well to the minimalist look as to more eclectic tastes. Features like exposed brick and floor-to-ceiling windows are modern, yet timeless. 

Aside from the design and architecture, working in our residences should literally be easier on your eyes than the average office space, as they let in an abundance of natural light throughout the day. For those used to fluorescent overhead lighting, the natural illumination is a much-appreciated alternative. 

A Blank Slate for Design & Function 

The interiors at Thirty Four Fifty West are designed to complement, enhance or simply not detract from your personal style and home office needs. Hang a large statement piece from a blank wall for a chic, minimalist office style, or emphasize style and function with custom wall shelves or floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Plenty of natural light serves up the perfect condition for all kinds of indoor plants to thrive — checking off interior design, mood-boosting and air-purifying boxes at once. And for those without a green thumb, convincing-enough faux plants will look just as great. Plug in a portable air purifier, and you’ll get the aesthetic and air-enhancing qualities of houseplants, sans the maintenance. 

Trend Watch 2021: Open-Concept Industrial Design

There’s no wonder open-concept, industrial design is among the top trends for 2021.

Intentionally constructed to leave room for interpretation and allow for prime flexibility and creativity, industrial spaces — much like those at Thirty Four Fifty West — are designed to meet the desires of those who dwell within without detracting from their personal aesthetic or specific needs, like those of artists or at-home professionals. Below, learn what comprises the ideal live-work space and discover how we put a unique spin on open-concept industrial design to support your greatest creative expression at Thirty Four Fifty West.  

Oversized Windows

Arguably one of the most important features in our flexible, creative spaces is natural light. Realizing that light can make your space seem more inviting and lessen your dependence on harsh or unflattering artificial lighting, we prioritized letting as much light in as possible by constructing each residence with oversized windows. Serving as the facade for each of our residences are 18-foot floor-to-ceiling windows. Instantly pairing with any aesthetic, they look stunning whether dressed or left alone. 

Chic & Clean Color Schemes

With light wood floors and stairs, white finished ceilings and warm gray brick walls, Thirty Four Fifty West has the creative ambiance of a DTLA industrial loft, while still evoking a homey vibe. The color schemes, building materials and hardware choices were made to be timeless, not trendy. As a whole, the residences are clean, chic and completely customizable.

Open-Concept in Action

We saw a need for two, sometimes conflicting, ideals (style and function) to both take center stage. Each floor — from the three-car garage to the versatile loft space — was conceptualized to serve whatever purpose any and all future residents might need it to. One might walk in and see the potential to house a gallery wall in their home office, while another might look at that same space and see a perfect-as-is backdrop for their statement headboard. Every detail — from the hardwood floors to the stainless steel appliances to the strategically placed electrical outlets to the open-tread staircases — is designed to be both functional and pleasing to the eyes. 

How will you reimagine your space? Inquire for more info.

The Live-Work Life: Renowned Artist Lyle Owerko’s Dream Studio at Thirty Four Fifty West

Walking into Lyle Owerko’s multi-level space at Thirty Four Fifty West, it is immediately evident that he is an impactful force in the world of art. His framed works, in progress pieces, pop culture-influenced interiors — all striking components of his beautifully reimagined residence and a unique glimpse into the workings of his mind.

Lyle first came to prominence when his photograph of the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001 landed on the cover of Time Magazine — later recognized as one of the top 50 covers of all time. His groundbreaking Boombox Project then gained him worldwide acclaim, with his pieces housed in many of the world’s most respected art institutions as well as collected by the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Madonna and Swizz Beatz. Today, Lyle’s full-time studio at Thirty Four Fifty West has kickstarted his next chapter of work in Los Angeles.

Designed to be a flexible canvas for his most visionary ideas, Lyle’s four-story space is equal parts creative lab, art gallery and creative atelier, complete with a modern minimalist library, multimedia studio space, dream home office, garage turned workshop/professional-grade printing shop and more. For a deeper look inside, we sat down with Lyle to gain insight into his ingenuity, how he makes the most of his space at Thirty Four Fifty West and why the community truly is “the gift that keeps on giving.” 

Can you tell us a bit about what you do and how you typically use your space at Thirty Four Fifty West on a daily basis? 

I’m a Fine Art photographer, represented both in the United States and internationally. Among my most recognizable works is the image I shot for the cover of Times Magazine’s September 11, 2001 issue. Since then, my practice has expanded into film, sculpture and, most recently, digital arts that sell on a blockchain enabled platform. In my current projects, I seek to bridge ethnic and geographic borders in a manner that documents cultural grounds for the betterment of the human condition.

I use my space at Thirty Four Fifty West solely for creative purposes, so I typically start my day in Los Feliz at home — which is just a ten-minute drive from the office. Coffee is a must after getting my two-year-old son started on his day, then I’ll head into the office while tuned into the events of the day on Bloomberg, NPR or CNN. That sets my sights on what I need to accomplish in the studio. 

You have done an incredible job repurposing each space to fulfill your creative needs. Can you tell us a little bit about what you did to achieve this? 

I added a set of floor-to-ceiling shelves that brought my book collection out of their boxes and to life again. I brought most of them from my New York City home and I can gladly say they’re enjoying the lovely California light now. I also have a printing lab in the garage where works from current and future shows are staged. Working inside the garage has allowed me to meet a lot of fascinating people in the Thirty Four Fifty West community. 

Another major plus is the design of the units. The vertical structure of the space is incredibly open, has amazing light and is an extremely productive, peaceful place to call “home” for all my creative endeavors. 

Any tips for achieving the perfect work environment? 

Fast-speed WiFi, a fridge stocked with healthy eats for refueling throughout the day and a constant flow of music. That’s been my survival kit for the last six months. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at Thirty Four Fifty West?

Thirty Four Fifty West has been the gift that keeps giving. It’s close to home, its access from all over Los Angeles is unprecedented and there’s a community here that thrives on finding out what your neighbors are making, creating and doing. 

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at home?

My wife and I are avid travelers. A giant part of our relationship is exploring beaches, cities and as many far-off locations that we can fit into a year. She is also a fine artist, so we feed a lot off of each other with sourcing inspiration and sharing in each other’s creative practices.

Where do you want to travel to next with the family? 

I’d like to take my wife and son to Hawaii. The island of Kauai is particularly meaningful to us, but if we’re really feeling adventurous, we’ll probably go to Tahiti.

If you could only eat at three restaurants in the local area, where would you go?

We’re big fans of All-Time, SugarFish and the 101 Cafe. We also frequent Home State a lot — our son loves it there because we can sit outside and watch traffic pass by.

The Live-Work Life: Philanthropist Transforms Two Spaces into Hip
Non-Profit Headquarters

To kick off our new “Live-Work Life” series — which highlights the many innovative ways our most forward-thinking owners and residents reimagine their live-work spaces at Thirty Four Fifty West — we are excited to introduce the amazing Dr. Lois Lee.

The Founder and President of Children of The Night, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and providing crucial resources to child sex trafficking victims, Dr. Lois recently transformed two residences at Thirty Four Fifty West to realize the headquarters of her dreams, complete with light-filled, open-concept spaces that allow for enhanced flexibility — both for staff and young sex trafficking victims.

We sat down with Dr. Lois Lee to learn more about her incredible organization and just how she reimagined two live-work spaces at Thirty Four Fifty West to create the ultimate office environment for Children of the Night.

Can you tell us a bit about your non-profit, Children of the Night?

I founded Children of the Night in 1979, and it’s the first child sex trafficking program in North America. Since its onset, we have rescued, stabilized and educated over 11,000 children who were forced to prostitute for food to eat and a place to sleep.

Throughout the years, Children of the Night has gained a reputation as one of the most prominent and successful organizations in the nation addressing the needs of America’s sex-trafficked children. Diplomats come from all over the world to observe our work, which includes many European and Southeast Asian countries, as well as Japan, Romania, Nepal, Africa, India, Mexico and Canada. Since our inception, all Children of the Night programs have been exclusively funded by private donors.

You did a tremendous job combining two residences at Thirty Four Fifty West. Can you tell us a little bit about how and when you use the spaces?

My HQ at Thirty Four Fifty West is dedicated for office use. I have east coast clients so I first start my day at home around 6am, then arrive at Thirty Four Fifty West around 10 or 10:30am and stay until around 6 or 6:30pm.

How were you able to achieve your goals to make Thirty Four Fifty West your HQ for Children of the Night?

Having a nonprofit that’s been around for 41 years, it was important for me to have an office headquarters that had a hip, youthful energy relevant to today’s workforce. By purchasing and combining two spaces at Thirty Four Fifty West, I was able to accommodate modern, spacious and comfortable workstations for my staff and allow for effortless management.

Thus, I was able to create varying work environments to satisfy our team members’ every need, from nationwide case management to online tutoring for young sex trafficking victims.

Can you tell us more about what you accomplish from your headquarters each day?

From Thirty Four Fifty West, we have have developed an effective model of case management and education combining advanced internet technology and mobilized social services, which has increased our capacity to serve young sex trafficking victims by 90 percent.

From our headquarters, Children of the Night Case Managers provide children 24-hour services, 7 days a week. Whether they need rescue from pimps, medical services, public health insurance, social security/disability benefits, maternity housing, drug program placement, domestic violence shelter, emergency transportation, mental health services, psychiatric evaluations, access to psychotropic medications, advocacy with the courts, social workers, probation officers, resume preparation, job placement assistance, access to vocational or trade schools or community colleges, applications for FAFSA (federally funded financial aid) — we are ready and willing to help.

Our FREE tutoring through Zoom tutors sex trafficking victims so they may obtain their high school equivalency — a vital first step in escaping the streets. The high school equivalency enables them to enter the military, work in support positions in medicine or law or attend vocational/trade school or community college.

What’s your favorite thing about working from Thirty Four Fifty West?

My favorite thing about Thirty Four Fifty West is the feeling of security (and not having to pay for my own security). This includes security staff, fencing, not worrying about my packages being stolen, onsite maintenance. I also have great neighbors — many who are very creative, so my creative resources are just next door.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at Thirty Four Fifty West?

My favorite thing to do when I leave work is to exercise. I love to swim in the summer, use my Peloton and/or do strength training.

If you could only eat at three restaurants in the local area, where would you go?

Bistro Garden in Studio City (sad to see it close), Firefly in Studio City and Ca’ Del Sole in Toluca Lake.

If you could choose one place to visit right now, where would you go?

Singapore or New York.

To learn more about Children of the Night, please visit the organization’s website here.


The developer reserves the right to make modifications in materials, specifications, plans, pricing, various fees, designs, scheduling and delivery of the homes without prior notice. All dimensions are approximate and subject to normal construction variances and tolerances. Plans and dimensions may contain minor variations from floor to floor. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy to residents in jurisdictions in which registration requirements have not been fulfilled, but is intended for information only. Listing Broker: The Agency New Development CA RE 01973483. Obtain the property report or its equivalent by federal and state law and read it before signing anything. No federal or state agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property.