Discover the Key to a Happy Home

Discover the Key to a Happy Home

The key to a happy home? Not having to think about it.

Of course, we all know a home is truly what you make of it — people, personal touches and the like — but having the right framework to support your lifestyle can make all the difference. That’s why the residences at Thirty Four Fifty West were built with convenience, functionality and a neutral aesthetic in mind. Below, discover the many features of our live-work townhomes that’ll make you feel right at home.

Abundant Natural Light 

Without getting too deep into the science behind it, we know that sunlight is proven to make us feel good by increasing serotonin production. Knowing that — and keeping in mind that people come to and stay in LA because of its sunlight — we made sure our residences get plenty of natural light. Expansive multi-story windows, multiple balconies and light-reflecting colors throughout each unit let in all the light you need to feel happy, calm and bright.

Open-Concept Spaces

Open stairwells, two-story ceilings, rooms that blend in and out of each other — these strategic architectural elements allow you to completely reinvent the space to fit your needs. Rather than endless hallways and unnecessary doors and walls, we opted for free-flowing, bright and airy floor plans. The space is yours to make your own — and we made sure no space is wasted.

Unrivaled Proximity to the Best of LA

Every neighborhood and city in the Los Angeles metro area has gems at which to eat or explore. But the 10-mile radius (give or take) surrounding Thirty Four Fifty West just happens to hold a concentrated assortment of much of the best of Los Angeles. From arguably the most famous hiking spot to a century-old outdoor music venue to five-star eateries of any cuisine imaginable — it’s all in the neighborhood.

Thoughtful Outdoor Amenities 

Each residence has a sizable balcony on the second floor, plus either another balcony or a deck on the third floor amid the treetops and expansive outdoor space off the garage. For entertaining, socializing or enjoying a change of scenery, our community outdoor amenities feel like an extension of your home — a shared backyard that feels like your own. These include the canopy lounge (a covered outdoor living area), the garden & grill (with a chef’s barbeque) and the puppy park and dog path.

Great Neighbors 

Some truly incredible people already call Thirty Four Fifty West home. And while we couldn’t have accounted for this feature when building these units, we do know that great homes attract great people — and their great pets (like Roscoe). Among those who live, work or both at Thirty Four Fifty West, you’ll find unique entrepreneurs and visionaries, including renowned artist Lyle Owerko and longtime philanthropist Dr. Lois Lee. Great neighbors such as these go a long way toward making a new place feel like home.

If a new home is on your wishlist this year, we may hold the key to exactly what you’ve been looking for. Inquire about our available units here.


The developer reserves the right to make modifications in materials, specifications, plans, pricing, various fees, designs, scheduling and delivery of the homes without prior notice. All dimensions are approximate and subject to normal construction variances and tolerances. Plans and dimensions may contain minor variations from floor to floor. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy to residents in jurisdictions in which registration requirements have not been fulfilled, but is intended for information only. Listing Broker: The Agency New Development CA RE 01973483. Obtain the property report or its equivalent by federal and state law and read it before signing anything. No federal or state agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property.