The Pets of Thirty Four Fifty West: Meet Pit Mix Roscoe

The Pets of Thirty Four Fifty West: Meet Pit Mix Roscoe

There’s no question that Thirty Four Fifty West is a pet’s paradise.

With three levels of living space at home, a tree-lined Puppy Park just outside and miles of sought-after hiking trails mere moments away, pups are able to wag and roam with complete ease. So to get a glimpse into the secret life of our resident pets, we tapped owner, author and musician Max to give us the lowdown on his dog Roscoe’s top tricks and treats, and just why Thirty Four Fifty West is the perfect place for a pup to call home. 

Name & nickname:



I’m a Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull. To those who have some knowledge of dogs, I’m a Pit Mix. To those who get their information from the news, I’m a Lab Mix.

Treat of Choice:

Anything that can be swallowed in under one second, preferably with a strong scent (the more pungent the better). I don’t bother with that chewing thing.

Top Tricks: 

If Dad has a treat in his hand, I’ll do just about anything short of fasting. Sit, stay, wait, stop, go. Whatever Dad wants (for the most part), I aim to please! 

Guilty pleasures: 

So many! I live in the moment, so everything is a pleasure but there’s rarely, if ever, any guilt. If I had to pick, though, I do love when Dad wraps me in a warm blanket after dinner and a long evening walk then lays me down on my monogrammed, tempurpedic bed. 

Morning routine:

Belly rub and kisses, breakfast, morning hike, late morning nap. My life is insane! 

Favorite spot at home:

I have three beds. My favorite might be in the gym in the garage, though — more to see when Dad’s working out with the garage door open and there are neighbors to greet. I get a lot of love! 

Favorite spot outside:

The mountains, without a question. We do a lot of hiking. I tackled Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriels this month and saw snow for the first time. So much fun! 

Favorite neighborhood hangouts: 

Hounds on The Hill doggy daycare — I live for that place. Owners Shan and Dan are like my second humans, and all my friends are there. We have a blast!

My best friends at Thirty Four Fifty West:

I love Lola who lives directly across the way. She’s a lot younger than me but Dad always says, “This is LA.” Whatever that means…

The best part of life at Thirty Four Fifty West:

Great people, an awesome location where we can get everywhere fast and conveniently, a super well build and it’s incredibly clean! What’s not to like?

A little bit about my mom and/or dad: 

When we’re not hiking, at the park or running around doing errands, Dad is trying to finish his second novel. I hear him talk about it on the phone and I think it’s going to happen. He already wrote a stage play since he first started living at Thirty Four Fifty in June 2019 and is constantly working on music — trumpet, piano, composition, singing. Even though it gets on my nerves sometimes, I make him think that I’m his biggest fan. It’s the least I can do.


A note from my owner

Coming to Thirty Four Fifty West, I was immediately taken by the quality of the buildings here — they’re so well built and designed.

I honestly believe these live-work spaces are drastically undervalued. You have an unprecedented opportunity to buy a property where you can live and run your business — tremendous tax advantages, SBA options (which have recently gotten even better), and they’re super well located to access all parts of the city. I go to the beach in Santa Monica in under 30 mins, hiking in the San Gabriels in 40, West Hollywood in 10, Los Feliz and Griffith park in 10…the list goes on and on. I think it’s only a matter of time until the rest of Los Angeles catches onto Thirty Four Fifty West.



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