Why Urban Living is Hotter Than Ever

Why Urban Living is Hotter Than Ever

The 2020 rumor mill was filled with tales of people “leaving cities in droves” and a “mass exodus.” And while many people across the country have relocated in the last year, those rumors are mostly unfounded.

The thing is, the reasons people love cities — and Los Angeles, in particular — haven’t gone anywhere. And whether people temporarily relocated — or, in most cases, never left — their bustling, vibrant urban lifestyles are ready for the taking. Here’s why urban living continues to be the ideal lifestyle for so many people and how Thirty Four Fifty West puts you at the doorstep of it all. 

Arts & Culture

For the art enthusiast or anyone looking for something new or different to do, urban areas are a dream. High populations + tourist industries = prime locales for museums, galleries, exhibits and more. Here at Thirty Four Fifty West, residents have unfettered access to the best of art and culture. Whether you’re visiting the largest museum in the Western United States (LACMA), which is just a short drive away from your live-work residence, or a pop-up gallery in an obscure storefront, there’s always something new to discover.

Job Opportunities 

While remote work is becoming more popularized, studies suggest approximately 60 percent of employees would prefer at least some in-office interaction — whether that be full-time or one day per week.* For that to be a possibility, people need to live near where they work. And where are most corporate or start-up jobs headquartered? In urban areas. At Thirty Four Fifty West, residents are just moments from Studio City, Burbank and Hollywood, offering an unrivaled basecamp to live, work and explore. And for the days you’re working from home, an open-concept live-work environment makes your life both seamless and optimized.

Food & Drinks

Sure, you can find great food and great drinks anywhere in the world, but large cities certainly have a monopoly on variety and options. Los Angeles, for example, houses more than 20 Michelin-star restaurants AND some of the best food trucks and hole-in-the-wall gems you could imagine. Nowhere is this urban area’s status as a melting pot of cultures and transplants from all over the country and the world more evident than in its food scene. From tacos to ramen to gluten-free vegan options, there’s always something to satiate every palate and preference.

The People 

Depending on your life situation, the appeal here might be different than your neighbor’s. We could look at this a few ways — the first being a draw for single adults looking for love. Urban areas = more people = more opportunities to date. The other draw to higher populated areas is the ability to meet new people. Urban areas have their share of born-and-raised locals, but there are so many more who’ve come from other cities, states and countries with unique perspectives and histories to share. No matter how you look at it, urban areas offer the opportunity to expand your horizons via other people.

Ready to embrace urban living at its finest? 
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